This role will be open on our website until the end of the Spring classes for all of the colleges we will visit. The expected start date for this person will be in the beginning of Summer.

The Responsibilities:

  • Report to Project Manager or Assigned Supervisor.
  • Assist Project Engineers and Project Managers.
  • Learn application of engineering fundamentals to engineering design. Prepare preliminary designs for Engineers' approval.  Work independently on design projects in support of Engineer and coordinate drafting efforts on projects.
  • Work from verbal instruction in addition to following design markups.
  • Apply basic math principles in solving design level calculations and California Title 24.
  • Prepare client communications: Transmittals, cover letters, memos, etc.
  • Complete knowledge of office design and CADD standards, operating standards and all elements of specific discipline.
  • Ability to read architectural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural drawings, symbols, interior and exterior elevations, door and finish schedules, floor plans and equipment schedules.
  • Familiar with Federal, State and Local Codes as required by the project.
  • Be aware of what you don't understand; technically and otherwise, and seek appropriate assistance.
  • Assist in site investigations to determine existing project conditions.
  • 40 hours per year in training: seminars, college or university courses, trade school, in-house training.
  • Provide project design, engineering and support for completing construction documents including calculations.
  • Work extended hours (overtime) as required to meet project deadlines as directed by Supervisor.
  • Complete any job related assignment directed by Project Manager or Supervisor.

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from an accredited 4 year program preferred
  • Certificate in CADD Drafting Required
  • Ongoing education leading to certificates in industry recognized organizations or university level courses. 
  • Years of experience:  0-2 years
  • Active affiliations: Industry associations and organizations related to this discipline or related technical organizations such as USGBC

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