The role of Designer represents a broad cross section of skills and talents necessary for the proper execution of design and technical documents related to LPA projects.  Consistent with the philosophy of the firm, each Designer participates in the design process at some point during the development of a project.  While some may have the opportunity to participate in many phases of a given project, others may have the opportunity to focus their efforts on a specific aspect of a project such as design presentations or construction documents, etc.

Designers will vary in their professional experiences.  Some may be recent graduates while other may have a significant experience in the profession.  There is no distinction made in this role description except in the assignment of project-related responsibilities.

Typical Duties:

  • Assist Project Coordinators and/or Project Designers in the execution of project-specific assignments.
  • Assist in programming, codes and other project-relevant research.
  • Assist in the research as directed for product and construction methods related to a project.
  • Prepare documentation for schematic design, design development and/or construction documents as assigned by the Project Coordinator and/or Project Manager.
  • Assist Project Coordinator and/or Construction Administrator to review and process submittals.
  • Prepare design and/or technical graphic presentations.
  • Construct study models as directed.
  • Assemble material boards, color boards, other presentation materials as required throughout the development of the design and documentation of assigned projects.
  • Perform other project-related tasks as may be approved or assigned by the Project Coordinator and/or Project Designer.

Relationship to Others:

The Designer reports to the Project Coordinators and/or Project Designers responsible for assigned projects.  Designers may, on occasion, work directly with the Project Manager, Project Director and/or Senior Designer for projects in which no interim position has been assigned.

Knowledge & Experience:

  • General knowledge of projects appropriate to his/her experience level.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to communicate with appropriate design and/or technical graphic skills.
  • Interest and commitment to learn and assume increased responsibilities.
  • Ability to work in a team environment with a commitment to collaborate with others.
  • Completion of a degree or certification program relevant to his/her discipline preferred.
  • Should have set a goal and be actively pursuing a professional license and/or certification in the jurisdiction in which he/she practices.

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