With 30 years at LPA, Chris Lentz has influenced theinterior design solutions of many civic and corporate projects. Her leadership stylehas proved successful in both small team structures and as an integral part of largeteam institutional design project. Her approach, based in thoughtful planningand execution, has led to many successful outcomes.

With dedicated effort in more than 45 projects in cities andcounties of California, she has gained a vast range of knowledge in the interiorprocess and public bid documentation. The types of projects include crime andlaw enforcement facilities, county administration facilities, emergency callcenters, public libraries, city halls and community centers.

Currently, Lentz is developing a new focus as a corporatestrategic planner. She considersit a priority to think beyond the initial project build and consider howthe corporate environment will adapt to future influences. By nature, this thoughtprocess supports a more sustainable environment. A few clients Lentz has workedwith include Blizzard Entertainment, Capital Group, Cox Communications, Mazda,Toyota, Western Digital and Capital Group.

As Managing Director in the Irvine Urban Design Studio,Lentz has oversight in the development of the interiors group talent. As anobjective team leader, she is involved in training and mentoring many of theprofessionals who participate in the ‘LPA University’.