The Renaissance Block of the Arts will be the center of arts and cultural development in the city of Riverside. The four buildings that make of the block include the Center for Social Justice and Civil Liberties, Culinary Arts Academy and District Offices (CAADO), Coil School for the Arts and Parking Structure. 

Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance landscaping is a unifying element throughout the block. On Market Street, existing trees will be maintained and mixed with the new landscape and carry on to University Avenue, where palms define the streetscape and connect the three buildings.

The CAADO building features a street-level restaurant and demonstration kitchen, along with the rooftop deck for special events and performances that will give students a practical experience and allow the community to host a special event or to enjoy a meal before attending a performance. With vegetated and cool roofs, high-efficiency plumbing and HVAC systems and efficient lighting, CAADO is targeting LEED Silver certification.

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Project Details

  • Riverside, CA
  • 60,000-square-foot facility
  • Targeting LEED Silver certification

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